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About 1000×1000

“We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat.” In recent months it has become clear that the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown left no one unaffected. But not everyone was hit equally hard. For those with a weaker socio-economic profile and low-skilled workers, the situation is distressing. Their children are victims too: they have difficulty keeping up with the new school regime, partly due to limited access to e-learning.

Sixteen professors and emeriti from Flemish Universities and research institutions are therefore joining forces and calling for solidarity with a new Social Contract. With our action, 1000 × 1000, we hope to reach at least 1000 colleagues from the academic world. Together we try to collect 1000 euros each or together one million euros through the King Baudouin Foundation. Money that will be invested in improving the educational opportunities of children and young people from disadvantaged groups. Read and sign our 1000 × 1000 call, help us raise money and become an ambassador!

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3 projects

With our campaign we try to reach 1000 colleagues in order to collect 1000 euros each, which is distributed over these 3 projects via the King Baudoin Foundation:

1000 for “Kinderarmoedefonds”

In Flanders, 1 in 7 children is born into an underprivileged family: about 130,000 children therefore have fewer opportunities from the very beginning. The "Kinderarmoedefonds" supports innovative and long-term projects that combat the exclusion of disadvantaged young people and their families.

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1000 for Boost

Boost wants to give young talents from vulnerable socio-economic environments every opportunity to build a future that matches their motivation and potential. The aim is to maximize their chances of success in higher education and in the labor market. The talent development program runs from the fourth year of secondary school to completion of studies and includes individual coaching, group workshops and material and financial support.

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1000 for “Kleine Kinderen, Grote Kansen”

"The Kleine Kinderen, Grote Kansen" project offers inspiration and support to deal with child and disadvantaged poverty in teacher training. The platform establishes intense collaborations with all teacher training courses in nursery and primary school, via Learning Networks, so that future teachers learn to deal with poverty and exclusion more specifically.

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